Natural Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

Foods-That-Burn-Belly-FatThese days do to more increased practice of unhealthy and unhygienic eating, there are increased number of people bearing the load of unhealthy belly fat.

The main reason for the gathering of belly fat or stomach fat is our unhealthy eating habits. This does not mean that we need to reduce our food consumption. I am not talking about the quantity of food, but quality is the thing that we need to control.

Here are a few eating mistakes that we need to check out to reduce belly fat:

  1. Monitor your daily calorie intake. It is a simple trick, if you know how much calorie you are taking per day, than simply burn that much or somewhat nearer to that amount of calories per day.calculator996
  2. Drink plenty of water. Water helps us to detox our body and remove toxic chemicals from our body. download
  3. Exercise daily. No gym necessary. You can do simple exercise at home also.Cum-sa-scapi-de-burta
  4. Control your sugar intake. Sugar is the main source of belly fat. download (1)
  5. Try to maintain your breathing by doing meditation. It helps to supply oxygen to various parts of the body, which leads to fat (2)
  6. Take your breakfast regularly. Avoid not taking your
  7. Take enough sleep. 6-8 hrs on daily (3)
  8. Meal should be taken 2 – 3 hrs before going to bed at night.sean-peters_mybodymykitchen_01
  9. Include more green veggies in your diet.asparagus
  10. Avoid processed food. 14768271_s-400x350
  11. Avoid cold drinks.

Simple it is. Just follow this habits regularly and see the results. Try to make this your life style and not just a goal.

You will stumble, will cheat on some occasions, but just don’t quit.

Orange Sky

Peaceful scene
Peaceful scene
Let it go...
Let it go…

All of us know about sunset, we are seeing it since the day we born. It occurs everyday. And it is inevitable.

These days we are so busy that we ignore such beautiful natural views. We don’t even try to spend some time to look at this shining scene. There is nothing wrong if you are concentrating towards your work or other matters of life; But here, you are missing some precious moments. Moments you and your family can spend together with peace.

Have you ever felt the moment of sunset? Do you know how does it feel to simply sit there and watch the sun going down? You are sitting at a place outside of the town, peace all around, you can see sun with your naked eyes as it is not so bright. It’s a cool sight and sky is filled with orange light of sun. Try to feel that moment, enjoy it; you will overcome all your stresses.

I think it is the best way to recreate yourself from everyday tension.

God help us in many ways……we simply need to keep our eyes open.